How & Why Insurance Agencies Should Test For Duplicate Content

January 7, 2017

What happens if your allowance bureau uses the aforementioned all-encompassing boilerplate agreeable as 100 added agencies? What blazon of analysis would you accord your accepted website, if you advised if from the angle of a prospect, abeyant agent or attainable partner? If your bureau is artlessly artful boilerplate content, you’re acceptable in the amends box, placed there by both Google algorithms and your -to-be clients. Let’s altercate how and why you got there, and remember, this advice is in the attainable domain, attainable by anyone and everyone.

Your bureau may be application boilerplate agreeable from an allowance website platform. These can ambit in amount from just a few hundred dollars absolute cost, to bags of dollars per month. Regardless of the price, the access is the same. You baddest the curve of advantage you wish from a boilerplate agreeable library, and that becomes your website content. Now your website is just like dozens, or even hundreds of added agents, agencies and brokers.

You can analysis your website for alike agreeable by repeating the afterward four steps:

1. Navigate to one of your centralized pages. For example, Homeowners Insurance.

2. Copy a book from your website page and adhesive it into a Google search. Here is a acceptable example, “There are four primary types of activity insurance, and anniversary has a abode in any complete banking plan.”

3. Analysis the after-effects pages – do they abide of agencies like yours?

4. Visit some of those websites – does their agreeable attending just like yours?

Repeat this several time on several pages (Auto, Life, Group Health, etc.). If your acknowledgment to items #3 and 4 are “yes”, again your allowance website is application alike content.

When it comes to alike (or amalgamated content), seek engines generally don’t apperceive which pages to cover or exclude from their baronial indices. Further, the seek engines don’t apperceive if they should absolute the hotlink metrics to your website, or addition site. And they may not apperceive which page to rank for their concern after-effects (which bureau to affectation in their seek engine after-effects pages). Clearly, if alike agreeable is present, websites ache rankings and cartage losses. And potentially worse, your best anticipation or new abeyant appoint may bang on a aggressive website that looks just like yours, or apprehension your website looks the aforementioned as addition agency, amid down the street.

The band-aid is simple enough, admitting it can be alarming for a active agency. Rewrite all your website agreeable so it is absolutely different to your agency, and do so from your specific amount hypothesis and branding perspective. If your bureau lacks the time, aptitude or accoutrement to achieve this, or if your website can’t canyon the Google Mobile Friendly Test, you can ability out to a accomplished allowance bureau business close and outsource these initiatives.